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Visiting My Love Family 2007

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Jefferson Davis Love 1863 - 1923
Myself, Maylon Love Mullins, her brother Billy Bob Love and cousin Grady Gill. Maylon is also a researcher for her Family and Bill contributed to the Love DNA research to try and help us discover other relative's in our Famlies!! Maylon & Bill's Dad was Earlie Love, son of Jeff Love and his 6th born!Some of these other headstones are related to Maylon and her Family, I will try to describe the relationship!!
Lizzie Love daughter of Jefferson D. Love 1886 - 1970
Joe Manning Love, son of Jeff Love 1895 -1950
Emma Love Brand, oldest daughter of Jeff Love!
Dollie Ardell Carter Love, wife of Maylon's uncle Jay Love 1894 - 1986
Bascom Love son of Jeff Love, served in World War l 1890 - 1958
Marvin & Lilly Belle Robinson
William & Rilly M. Robinson
William Robinson & wife Georgia Ann Mc Cain, parents of Maylon's mother Nora Robinson!
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Sam Ogle a relative of Maylon on her Robinson side of the Family, also served in the Confederate Army!
John C. Ray was the father of Jeff Love's wife. He also served the cause of the South in the War between the States! 1835 -1910