Love Potpurri

Page Three

Edna Sue Love in the center, daughter of Wilbern & Mattie Love with two unknown friends!
Granddaughter of Aunt Lizzie Love and Pinkney Brown!
Aunt Lizzie Love Brown with grandchildren, Catherine and Raymond. Children of son Lavelle Brown!
Aunt Barsie Love Baxter on the left with some unknown friends!
Cousin Sara Love Harper, daughter of Uncle Sam Love, the last of our Family to still live in Lafayette, AL.
Uncle Tim Love on the right with and unknown friend!
This is Uncle Stonewall Love at his wedding to Bernice Goodall with Aunt Barsie Love Baxter as a witness!
Uncle Wilbern with wife Mattie Griffin, and I would guess their new car in background? There are children on front porch and appears to be someone on the other side of car?
Left to R. Aunt Barsie, Ted? looks like Uncle Stonewall, Aunt Annie Lou Hubbard Love, wife of Sam Love and Aunt Willie Mae Hubbard, wife of Tim Love! These were the names on back of photo!
This photo only had the name Vollie Love on the back? My research shows a Vollie Love born to a James T. Love. If this is a decendant of Mom's it would make her a cousin. But which lady is Vollie?
This is one of my favorite photos of cousins Hiram and Sara Love, children of Sam Love and Annie Lou Hubbard!
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