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This is the Church where Grandfather George F. Love was buried in 1926. This photo was taken in 1982. In the early 1950's Dad made a sandstone marker for his grave and I went with them to Deatsville to place it. My wife, Marlene and I have made two recent trips there to locate his headstone with no luck!! In 2005 we were fortunate to catch the caretaker of the cemetery there. He said there were no Love's buried there. In looking about, we did find four Love's, but not our George. What is ironic is at the bottom of this sign, the Pastor was James Love!!!
This is a young Sam Love and even a younger wife Anna Lou Hubbard!!
This is Aunt Lizzie Love Brown, with my younger brother Donald on left, younger sister Le Verle in her lap, and older sis Le Merle on right! Photo was likely taken about 1947?
Sister's Barsie Love Baxter, Lizzie Love Brown, Lois Love Robershaw at mother Josie Love's funeral in 1958.
Sara Love, daughter of Samuel Love and Anna Lou Hubbard!
Mother Josie Love's headstone at Cemetery in Lafaytte, AL.
Stonewall Love with his 1st wife Lily May Grizzle.
Edna Sue Love with husband, Paul Pitts. She is the daughter of Wilbern Love and Mattie Lanora Griffin.
Sara has grown to be a teenager and she says, she out grew the glasses!!
Hiram Love, son of Samuel Love and Anna Lou Hubbard!
A good picture of Uncle Wilbern and Aunt Mattie!!
Grandmother Love with 5 of her kids!! Stonewall, Lizzie, Sam, Wilbern, and Aunt Barsie!!
Teenager Hiram with the banjo, sister Sara at the piano and unknown friend on the guitar!!
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Mom Lois Love Robershaw with sister-in-law Anna Lou Hubbard Love!!