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Visiting Our Love Family 2005

On Sunday afternoon June19th, Marlene and I headed south from Gadsden to visit some of my Mother’s “Love” Family.  Not to be vain by using a photo of myself to start a Page but this is the only one that took of our trip through Cheaha State Park that afternoon! If you are in the area it is a beautiful park and worth the time to visit!
After spending a wonderful evening & night at the Lodge in the Park, we got up the next morning going to Lineville, AL. to visit cousin William “Bill” Brown. He is a son of my Aunt Lizzie Love & Leroy Brown. Bill is a talented musician. He is retired now but we did talk him into playing a few songs for us!! He not only plays the guitar, he plays the mandolin, and keyboard, all by ear! { no sheet music} Bill has a lovely home on 2 acres of land that he showed us about, lovely flowers, fruit trees, and garden! He then took us about the area and to the Cemetery where all our relatives are buried.

Here we are at the Brown Family plot.

Below are the Markers for Aunt Lizzie, her husband Leroy and their oldest son Alfred LaValle and his wife Audrey! Their son Frank inherited their home.

Cragford High School on the left is where all of Aunt Lizzie children attended school. It has been replaced by a new school!

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