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George Francis Love Ancestry

George & Josie Love had twelve children, of which seven survived to adulthood. They had one set of twins. George was a farmer and apparently moved about as son Sam was born in Clay Co, Stonewall was born in Talladega, Co. Several of the children were born in Tallassee, and Aunt Barcy, the youngest was born in Elmore, Co. Alabama.



Born in Clay Co. AL in  1864, died Aug.21,1926  in            Wetumpka, AL

Sylvia Josephine Nance,  born March 1,1873, in Clay, Co. AL Died Dec. 18,1957 in Lafayette, AL

Stonewall Love with Mother Josie & below, he continues to fulfill his promise to take care of his Mother after George’s death!!

Wilbern Love born Nov. 01,1898 and died Dec.28,1973 in Talledega, AL
Sam Love born Oct. 8,1896 in Clay Co. AL He died Dec. 13,1968 in Chambers Co. AL

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Love Family Census Reports!!


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