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Lois Estelle Love Robershaw

Mom was born August 13, 1907 in Clay County, Alabama. Her parents were George Francis Love and Sylvia Josephine Nance, they had a total of 12 children of which seven lived to adulthood. Mom was the fifth oldest. Mom only finished the seven grade, however that was quiet well for a girl being raised on a farm back then. She played the guitar with her other bros. at barn dances etc.
Her first love was her Church. She was a member of the Free Will Baptist , she would attend other Church’s where she loved the People, but they wouldn’t follow the Bible and have a foot washing Service!! There was never any gray area’s in Mom’s life about right or wrong, she was a strong believer in the 10 Commandants as a guideline. And I must confess when we children got in trouble, there was never any doubt in our minds, we new what we did was wrong! I don’t think the spanking we got hurt our self–esteem, it hurt just a little lower than that.
Mom married O B Robershaw, September 25, 1926 in Wetumpka, Alabama. Dad hired a taxi and they ran away to the Justice of the Peace, about the time the ceremony finished her Mom Josephine showed up with Lois’s younger sister Barsie, { who had told on Lois }to try and stop the wedding. Since they were already married, her Mom told her “ it will never work out”. I guess Mom and Dad set out to prove her wrong, at the time of Mom’s death they had been married 68 years!!!  
Mom above, appears to be holding a shotgun? This is the youngest photo I have seen of her!
Above is Mom, Lois Love in dark jacket with her sister Barsie Love, The largest boy is Reginald and smallest is Jack Robershaw!
Mom, holding son Jack, with her Mom Josie Love. On back of photo, Mom said, " the baby wouldn't quit crying for his bottle"
This picture was taken abt. 1937, Mom is holding sister Le Merle, while Dad is working on truck?
To the left O B and Lois, son Jack on Mom’s lap, and oldest son Reginald standing!
Above, Mom is holding William Robershaw, son of nephew Harold Lloyd, while visiting him in 1950 on our trip to CA.
This picture was taken in front yard of home @ 202 Uriah av. in Gadsden. AL about 1947.
I'm not sure where Mom was dressed to go or whom she was visiting here? Likely was visiting Family in Lafayette, Al.
Mom is playing in her front yard with grand daughter Donna Robershaw. Donna is the 1st born of her son Jack Robershaw and Juanita Le Croy!

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