Le Verle Robershaw

Page Seven

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My younger sister LeVerle!
In her wedding dress!!
With her grand children!, left to right are, Leah Mc Collum, Meagan O'Neal, Olivia Mc Collum , Madelyne Mc Collum and her boyfriend Craig
Well Darling, I told you!!
Getting Ready!!
Right to left, son Jack O'Neal, Mom Le Verle, daughter Penny, daughter Robin with her husband Roy Thompson on left!!
Grand daughter Madelyne @ six months!
Children, Jack, Robin, and Penny at their home in Fresno, CA.
Grand daughter Meagan O'Neal

Big brother Reginald holding Le Verle's hand when we visited him in San Diego!!



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Mom, Lois Love Robershaw in center, Le Verle on right, myself on left tending Donna Robershaw daughter of brother Jack Robershaw. I'm not sure which baby Mom is holding?