Le Verle Robershaw O' Neal

Page Five

This is Le Verle with and unknown friend playing on Dad's ladder to second story of our home in Alabama, about 1947! I'm sure that ladder would not pass Cal- OSHA today!!
Sister Le Verle, about 7 years old. Picture taken in Balboa Park, San Diego,. CA. When we visiited brother Reggie in 1950!
Le Verle with her Sunday School Class. She is in white dress, left of center!
Teenager Le Verle, botom left, her best friend Ann Fillion in dark sweater right and brother Don, top left with friends at house Party.
Le Verle with friend going to Church camp.
Easter Sunday, 1959 in front of Mom and Dad's home, San Diego, CA.
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Le Verle and best friend Ann Fillion at high school prom!!


A young Le Merle and Le Verle!!