Lanora Le Verle Robershaw O' Neal

Family Weddings

Page Eight

The Bride and groom with the brides parents Harvey and Carolyn Reeves on the left, Mom Le Verle on the right with grooms Dad Charles O' Neal.
Son Jack O' Neal recently got married after a long time as a single man. The bride is Dana Reeves.
Mom and son hugging before the wedding!!
Jack and Dana's wedding shower.
A Happy Le Verle, the occasion?
O Happy Day, the Ceremony has ended!!
Grand daughter Leah Renee McCollum
The newlyweds, Josh Bowser and Leah Mc Collum!!
The Bride Leah dancing with step Dad Roy Thompson!!
Happy Mom, Robin Thompson!!
Sisters Madelyne, Olivia, Leah and the groom Josh Bowser!!
Bridemaid's, Olivia McCollum and Meagan O'Neal?
Madelyne McCollum and boyfriend, Cameron Cotton
Robin, Madelyne, Leah, Olivia and Le Verle at Leah's wedding shower.
Leah McCollum at her wedding shower!!
Aunt Sharon Robershaw with bride, Leah McCollum Bowser!!
Mom, Robin and Leah, at the wedding shower!!
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Jack's daughter, Meagan and her boyfriend, Cameron Cantrell.