My sister Le Merle: by her brother Ron Robershaw


There is much I could say about sis from our childhood. Even back then, she was always willing to HELP; I wanted to learn how to ride a two wheel bike, so Le Merle offered to teach me? After getting me on the bike she gave me a push down the hill, after I crashed a couple of times, I decided I would wait till I got older to learn how to ride a bike!!!


Fast forwarding to our adulthood Le Merle was still willing to help her younger brother! I was going through some difficult times and Le Merle advised me I needed something to build my self confidence and self esteem back! She advised me to memorize Phil: 4:13 which says, " I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me" I never really expected anything to come of this, however I did memorize the verse. When my next crisis arose, much to my surprise the verse came to my mind like turning on a light in a dark room!! Praise the Lord!! Every since then when I am facing a difficult task where I need courage, I call to mind Phil: 4:13


 But to sum up Le Merle as a person, she had a Big Heart and a Big Smile!