My Love Story of My Sister - LeMerle


To understand the setting, yes, we were a poor family.  But, we didn’t know it, we had each other.  Even though we lived in this place that our neighbors often referred to as the shacks.  Which was a tool shed that housed the tools from the rock quarry across the street.  The street, the dirt road that came by our home was so close it was really our front yard.  Nevertheless, after three boys come to our family, my parents had given up on ever having a girl - - then here she came.


I am not really sure of my Sis’s real name or names.  My parents were so found of having a girl in the family, they were afraid that there would never be another one.  So, they named here after everybody that was and all that would ever come to be - - Sylvia LeMerle  Isa Dora Rebecca Jean.  But, most of us settled on LeMerle.


I have to be careful here not to go out too far on this topic.  Just because I am the oldest son and wise beyond my years in defining beauty.  As young kids, and as a typical boy, I had never thought anything about beauty or some one being beautiful.  But I picked upon people stopping by to buy some of my Mother’s flowers that she grew along the side of the house.


Often the different people, especially the women, remarked, “Wow! What a beautiful daughter you have.  The beautiful flowing curly blonde hair falling down around her young neck.”  After hearing these remarks ever so often, I remember stopping one day and just looking at her and remarking to my self - - she is really a beautiful girl.  I remember as though it was yesterday - - thinking “how did she get into this family, none of us measure up as to who she is?”  After that I found myself being a proud brother of a very pretty sister.  Those were happy years for all of us.


Years past, she had what I always felt was a beautiful family.  We always had fun at her house.  She loved to entertain.  The children grew up and kind of went their own way having their own families.  Than later our world came together again.


After time in the Navy, the University, a teaching career, and my own wonderful family growing up and then moving on into their own family life.  Here we found ourselves once again in the same house on a beautiful lake.  I gave the house to her.  She turned it into one of the most beautiful homes that I have been in.  A party girl, you bet, having all of our friends over and often.  As I look back on this period of time, it had to be one of the most special and happiest times of our lives.  But that is just part of it . . .


We never planned, we just went.  One of our trips took us back to Alabama.  Our purpose was to go back to every place where we grew up in Alabama, she doing the video, with me telling what I remembered and how it was.  I had to mention this part of our life, this trip, because of watching her in action.


As we took off here it was early.  The plane broke through the clouds just as the Sun was coming up - - what a sight!  We were up above the clouds for a long period of time and she had it all on camera.  Coming back, again, we left early and it was almost the same colorful flight above the clouds that we had going.  And, she had the camera and it was going.

That is where I see her now, she is up there flying around getting it all on the camera.  What a joy it was to have her in my life.  From the first she was my beautiful, beautiful Sister, and that she will always be.  With all my heart felt love, I shall great miss her.  She was always giving even when she did not have it to give.  She was my dearest friend!