The Bravest Robershaw



If I were to say that Merle and I never argued, always agreed on everything and didnít fuss about anything - - everyone that knows us would laugh.Merle and I are Robershaws and we are women !!!!! What do you think we are going to do?


Merle and I may have had our differences, but there are two things we always agreed on - - God and love of family.Her children will tell you, on Sunday, if you were in their house, you would be in church.Merle made sure her family knew the love of God.She loved to sing about Jesus and she really enjoyed a good old fashion gospel quartet.Actually, she loved anything said or sung about the love of Jesus.


I believe my sister is the bravest Robershaw I have ever met.When she decided to go through chemo for the third time, I told her she was extremely brave and she had my respect.She told me she would fight the leukemia until God took her home.Merle also told me she had family to care for and love, she had trips to go on, lots of pictures to take and lots of fun to be had still.As the determined, strong woman she was - - she did just what she said she would do - - she fought until God took her home.


Merle was a graceful, giving lady who smiled during the hard times and spoke kindly to all the nurses and CNAs that took care of her in the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at Scripps Green Hospital.Due to her loving ways, nurses and CNAs cried when she went home to God because she was such a special lady.


I will miss Merle and I salute you sis - - the bravest Robershaw I know.


Leverle OíNeal - - her sister