Juanita Le Croy Robershaw

Big 80

Birthday Party!!

Recently when we were visiting Juanita, she shared her Eightieth Birthday photo album. A young Juanita on the left with husband Willie Jack Robershaw and two of their children, Donna on the left and Jack Jr. on the right. In the picture on the right is Juanita still looking good on her Big Birthday!!
The Birthday Girl Juanita holding g.grand daughter Brooke, on the left is g. grandson Dalton, to her left is g. grandson Tyler holding g.grand daughter Lucy on the right is Grace!!
Juanita above with children, daughters, Donna on right, Astoria on left. Son Jack Jr. behind and his wife Rebecca on the left side!!
Jack Jr. above with his son Jack 3rd in blue on left with his wife Louise, daughter's Grace and Lucy. In front is Jack Jr. daughter Kelly Goodson and her son's, Tyler and Dalton!!
Jack Jr. in white, his son Jack 3rd to the left and his daughter Kelly Goodson in front!! Juanita with grandchildren, in front, Ladon on left, April Ranita, Juanita, and Kelly. In the rear left to right, Chris Hobbs, Jack 3rd, and Bradley Wilder.
Juanita's oldest child Donna with her two son's Ladon & Chris Hobbs!!
Kelly Goodson boys Tyler and Dalton, they are Juanita's great grand children!!
A good picture of Jack 3rd with wife Louise Speer and daughter Grace. This picture was from another time in the album!!
Son Bradley Wilder giving Mom, Astoria a hug!!
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A couple of pictures, the Family sent me recently of Mom Juanita celebrating her 85th Birthday!! In the picture on the left, daughters Donnie, April and Astoria are joined by brother Jack Jr. On the right, Astoria and Mom having fun with friend? Juanita's Birthday was 3/27/2017, I'm sure brother Jack would be happy how Juanita has held the Family together over the years!!

I believe this is the grand children and perhaps great grand children on the left? On the right is a great picture of Juanita, April and Astoria with the Family members in the rear!! It looks like the Family had a wonderful celebration for a very deserving lady!!


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