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Willie Jack Robershaw

Son of O B Robershaw and Lois Love

Willie Jack was born July 25, 1931. He was the 3rd child born to Mom & Dad. Jack was my buddy, even though he was always getting me in trouble, smoking, fighting, etc. I loved him very much! It broke my heart when he started dating girls and would not let me pal around with him any more! One of the girls he dated was Juanita LeCroy. He told me she was the prettist girl that he had ever seen! He was  going to marry her! He was stationed at Ft. Benning, Ga. in the Paratroopers when they married. He went on to serve 25 years in the Army, till he retired in Columbus, Ga. He passed away May 17,1986. His wife Juanita and Family still live there.
Newly weds, Jack and Juanita! Jack with unknown Army friend on left and unknown civilian friend on right!
Jack in his Army Uniform!
A Birthday Party for Jack Jr. in white shirt center! Dad Jack Sr. is in left hand corner of photo!
Jack with earlier girl friend Barbara Wright.
Jack and Juanita's children, Donna on left, Jack Jr, and Astoria on right visiting G. mother Robershaw in Ca.
Willie Jack Robershaw served two terms in Vietnam, was buried with Military Honors, May 20,1986 at Park Hill Cemetery, Columbus, Ga. He died with congestive heart failure from contact with agent orange, while in Vietnam!
Brother Jack rode this scooter home from La Grange, GA. He got home about midnight. We were so excited to see him, and were making so much noise, the neighbors called the police!!
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