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Willie Jack Robershaw

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Brother Jack dressed up for a special occasion? A tie was a form of duress to the Jack, I grew up with!!
Jack Jr. in white and Jack the 3rd standing! I'm sure if my brother Jack was still alive, he would be humbled and honored to see his Name carried on in the Family!!
The lady on the right is Jack's wife Juanita with their 1st born daughter Donna. The lady on the left is Jack's sister Le Merle with her 1st born, Monte Lunsford!! The picture was from Easter 1953.
Jack at work in the Army somewhere. It looks like he and his buddy were on field duty!!
Standing, Teresa Lunsford, Dad O B Robershaw, Mom Lois Love, brother Jack his wife Juanita Le Croy. Sister Le Merle Lunsford and Jack's youngest daughter April in front kneeling. When I look at Jack in pictures like these, I realize how much he took after our Dad!!
Jack is most likely on a fishing trip here? That is another hobby or trait that he got from Dad!!
Brother Jack and a friend, I'm guessing sightseeing instead of fishing. Jack did not like to Ocean fish? He liked fresh water fishing!!
A lovely middle daughter Astoria!! Looks like she is packing or unpacking??
Well, I debated whether to use this picture or not? But being true about brother Jack, he did like the hard stuff occasionally!! I assume Juanita was the designated driver?
Well this picture gives true meaning to that saying, " I was just monkeying around" It look's like Jack is in the field on duty. Just wondering if this was on one of his tours in Viet Nam?

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