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The Willie Jack Robershaw Family

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Jack and Juanita visiting with Mom and Dad in San Diego, CA Picture was taken in front of Mom and Dad's home!
A smiling Jack Robershaw? Usually Jack was a very serious minded fella. He did love to tease and play pranks on me as we grew older!!
Jack at work, I'm not sure when he became a cook in the Army? After he retired he worked for Dolly Madison company in Columbus, GA. He served two tours of duty in Vietnam!!
Baby, Willie Jack Robershaw Jr.at six months old!!
Baby Jack Jr. about one?
Jack Jr. with big sis Donna!!
Jack Jr., age eight!
Jack Jr at his two year old Birthday Party!!
A grown up Jack Jr in suit and tie, with sister Donna on left and sister Astoria on right, and brother-law Rod on end. In Honor of his father, Jack Jr named his son, Willie Jack Robershaw III.

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Jack Jr, dating already?