Harold Lloyd Robershaw

Hal the baby!

Hal a young man!

Hal THE Man!

Hal the teenager!

Harold was the first born of LesterRobershaw and Flossie Brown. Harold was a unique individual with a sharp mind. He enjoyed many varied hobbies, soccer, photography, fishing, motorcycles, and I think skeet shooting! He was in the carpet business when I knew him and would work 12 to 14 hrs. a day till the job was finished. Unfortunately  he had a heart attack and died on the job at age 51, much to young!!

Cousin Le Merle, Aunt Lois Robershaw, Josephine Kelso, wife of Hal, cousin Le Verle L. front and unknown friend.

Harold and Mom Flossie

Hal and 1st son Bill!

Harold on bike, son Larry and sister Eliza in wagon, other children unknown.

Hal's wife Josephine holding their son William Leslie! Below she is holding the Family pet!!
L.to R. Hal, cousins Reginald, Jack holding Bill [I think ] unknown friend, Ronald and Donald, on our trip to Ca. from Alabama, in 1950.. Dad must have been hiding?

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Hal boating!!