Photos by Le Merle

Taken at State Lodge Guntersville, Alabama

Our stay for Family Reunion, 2003

Wild Roses!

Marlene thought she had found relatives of our son-in-law? No!

Raccoon that came out at night!

Tall Pine Trees!

A magnolia blossom!

Reggie enjoying reading a book on the balcony!

On the left Tom, Reggie, Marlene taking a hike in the woods. On the right I join them!

Our Day Trip to a Grist Mill

“Down by the old mill stream”

Ron, Tom, Marlene, & Reggie enjoying the scenery!

Bridge over troubled waters?

We found the stream!

Crossing the bridge!

The abandoned grist mill!

Marlene finds the mill.

Father & son stopped to see the sights!

Le Merle, Reggie, Mom Marlene and son Tom enjoying dinner at the lodge!

Ron, Marlene, Tom & Reggie enjoying the view of Lake Guntersville, part of the Tennessee River on the right!

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