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Visiting with My Love Family 2007
On Friday June 15, 2007 Marlene and I went to Ashland, Alabama. It is in Clay County where my Mom and her Family grew up. Uncle Wilbern Love, Aunt Mattie and their two children Huel and Edna Sue were still living there in 1930. We met with our cousins Maylon Love Mullins, her brother Billy Bob Love and Grady Gill, decendants of Jefferson Davis Love. He is a brother of our grandfather George Francis Love! Grady, who now lives in the Atlanta, GA. area offered to show us around.
The first area that we visited was the Millerville district where Grady Gill grew up, and our Love Family's lived, from about 1870 till our grandfather George moved to Elmore, County in the early 1920's.We know he died in Wetumpka in 1926! He had moved there so his wife Joshphine Nance Love would be closer to her relatives. Below is a link to the 1920 census, George is at the bottom of Page! You will need to enlarge it!
1920 Census, Clay County- Millerville District!
Grady Gill, myself and wife Marlene!
Joined by Maylon, and her brother Billy one of our 1st stop's was the Millerville Baptist Cemetery! This is behind our common relative Jefferson Davis Love and his wife Ethel Ann Ray!
The headstone we are standing behind is for Grady's Mom & Dad Thurman Gill and Sadie Williams. The head stone on left above is of his grandparents, Thomas N. Gill and Rosa Lee Love daughter of Jefferson Davis Love!!
This is Grady's Uncle Jim Gill!
After we left the Cemetery we stopped at Grady's mother-in-law's house for a short visit and she was kind enough to supply us with water! Maylon wanted to ask her some genealogy questions about some other Family members. She also reccomended a local resturant for lunch! Grady being the perfect host treated! What a great way to spend time with your cousins!!
Click on Pictures for Enlargement or Click on Flag for Cousin Maylon and Brother Bill Love Page!!
Later that day Marlene and I drove by to visit my cousin Bill Brown who lives in Lineville, Al. which is also in Clay County. I had a large group of pictures from my Mom with no name. I was hoping he could identify some of them? Bill is the son of my Aunt Lizzie Love. Several of her nephews and nieces live in the area. I also took the photos to Lafayette to share with cousin Sara Love Harper! Several was photos of her Family! She was in awe of one photo of her Dad Sam Love with a girl friend. He was a good looking young man!! Then it was on to CA. and home!!