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George Washington Robershaw

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Picture above is Dieter Borrman, Mamie & myself. Picture was taken this summer, [ August 27, 2002 ]as Deiter & Mamie gave us a tour on their boat! Mamie was a nurse and like her Dad is a retired Army!!
William P. Robershaw son of George W. picture abt. 1948 He was a career Army Man!!1918-1998
Richard and Louella Suggs Lackey, she is the G.Grandaughter of Bertha Lena Robershaw & is also a genealogist and has her own site:
The Joyce Robershaw Reid Family at 2001 Robershaw Reunion! Joyce is the daughter of James Robershaw &Hazel Linder. Pictured are Eugene Reid ,Patrica ,Joyce, Donna, baby, & Lynn.
This is a picture of Mamie’s Family: seated is Laura Stamm & Terri Stamm, standing is Phillip Stamm, Harvey Davidson,Sandra Davidson!! Real Texans!! Harvey and wife Sandra are avid genealogy fans, and it was Harvey who just discovered our G.Grandfather, Monday Robershaw!!
WAKE for  George Washington Robershaw, attending nephew Lester Robershaw & wife Sara!
A young and good looking Rosa Etta Robershaw!!
Charles Farrell and Rosa, fishing?
Rosa in her garden!!
Rosa Etta with her sister Bertha on the left!!

Rosa Etta Robershaw above was George W. Robershaw and Sarah Corinthian Calhoun first child. She married Sly Farrell in Texas. Her headstone is above. She is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in Tyler, Texas.

I would like to Thank Jamie Farrell for posting the picture on the Internet, and her Research on the behalf of the Robershaw Family!!

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