George Washington Robershaw

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Descendants of William Pinkley Robershaw

Mr. Dieter Borrmann, husband of Mamie Robershaw, at his Swearing in Ceremony to become a U.S. citizen on September 20, 2006 in Texas. Mamie met Dieter in Germany while serving as a Army Nurse!!
Mamie on left, new citizen Dieter and his friends Ted Owens and Toni from Los Angeles, CA. A happy day for all!!

Mamie’s Family Thanksgiving 2006!

Mamie’s son Mickey brought his Family from Minnesota to Texas for Thanksgiving!!
The picture of a Happy Women! Mamie with son Mickey!!
A Happy G. Mother Mamie and kids Laura, Wesley and Mom Terri enjoying the back porch swing!
Pictured on the left is Mickey’s wife Terri with Mamie and G.daughter Laura in the background!

Mickey and Family Celebrating July 4, 2011

Sculpture Garden, Minneapolis

The girls and Wesley!!
Son Wesley on the left and front above!! Laura, Terri and Mickey, look's like it was a fun day at the park!!
The Family, Laura, Mom Terri, Dad Mickey and son Wesley!!
Daughter Laura looking grownup!!
Laura's high school senior picture's. Congratulation and I'm sure very proud parents and grand parents!!
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