Edna Sue Love Pitts

Edna Sue is the only daughter of  Wilbern Love and Mattie Griffin Love. She is also the last surviving member of their Family. She is retired from Gov. service and lives in a rural community of Twin Valley, just south of San Antonio, Texas. She was previously married to Paul Pitts, and has one son Jimmy, who lives in a mobile home near-by. On our trip to Texas in June, we stopped by around noon.. True to her Family heritage, she had a feast prepared for us on our arrival! In talking to Edna, it was apparent that she was lonely being the last of her Family. However she was very proud to be a Love!! She had the highest regard not only for her Mom and Dad but also for her other Aunts and Uncle’s, of which my Mom is one.

Edna and Son Jimmy! 
Edna Sue with brother Huel Love!!
A young Edna Sue Love Pitts !!

Photo to left is Don, LeVerle, Jimmy, Ron and Edna!!


Edna, my wife Marlene, and Don’s wife Sharon Taylor Robershaw. A trip to the South would not be complete with out some time spent in the front porch [ yard] swing!!

Don, Ron, LeVerle Robershaw and Cousin Jimmy Pitt’s. Jimmy was kind enough to take time off work, so he could meet us at the local service station and lead us to their home!!

I lost touch with Edna after she went into a Nursing Home. Here is link to her Headstone in Somerset, Bexar County, Texas!!

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