Easter Party


Marlene invited the children and grandkids up for a Easter egg hunt and lunch on Saturday April 4th. All of her children were able to come except youngest daughter Val and her girls!! A couple had come down with pink eyes!! We did miss them. On the left are grandsons Nieto and Giovanni holding carrots they had picked from Grandma Marlenes garden. And on the right is the table that Marlene had set up for the kids to sit at.
Well a fun time playing and just hanging out for the rest of the kids and family waiting on lunch. Grandkids Justin, Giovanni and Chloe putting golf balls on the left. Nieto, his dad John and Mom Elaine at the table with daughter-in-law Kim and her daughter Chloe. And on the right is grand daughter Olivia looking at grand mothers scrapbooks!!
Son Tom volunteered to cut the ham for the Party on the left and in the center the main event has begun!! On the right, Chloe, Justin and Giovanni at the kids table!!
Marlene with the beautiful carrot cake she made for the Party. She is joined by daughter-inlaw Kim on the right!!
The Easter egg hunt!! Parents Tom, Kim, Elaine and Natalie stuffed the plastic eggs with treats and a few coins, then they hid them outside. In the picture on the left is Giovanni, next is his brother Nieto, Justin and his sister Chloe looking for eggs next to the house. In the next two pictures the hunt is over and they are all in the garage with proud parents and grandparents looking at what they found in their eggs!! Note: there is still two eggs missing?
Well the kids now want to take a dip in the pool, after working up a sweat looking for Easter eggs on a warm Ramona day. Shown on the left are Sarina and Olivia in the jacuzzi. Chloe getting in the pool with Giovanni, Justin and Nieto in the background. In the picture on the right Dad John has joined his son Nieto at the top of the picture. And grandmother Marlene is the acting lifeguard!!
Daughter Natalie has arrived and had to bring her dog Sophie, because she is selling her house and it was open house day!! Natalie and I have a "thing going" she can't come unless she brings me a cup of coffee!!
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