Easter 2022
Does this look familiar? Daughter-in-law Kim preparing a special Easter Dinner for the Family on Saturday the day before Easter. Of course Marlene is doing her job by helping with the dishes? And on the right is Olivia and Chloe taking it easy. They have a date after lunch to meet Marlene's cousin Joel Marchese with his two girls to go ice skating!!
How is that looking for a Great Easter Dinner? Baked Ham, pineapple, candied yams plus peas and rolls to fill me up!!
It was a beautiful day outside & here Justin and his two sisters are outside shooting a few basketballs shots!!
Chloe and Olivia are coming to the kitchen!!
Every since Justin was a toddler about the height of a table, he has always been 1st in line to eat. You can see he is likely 6 ft. tall, I remembered those toddler years & he still is 1st in line to eat!!
As we start gathering around to eat, I noticed it was the 1st time that we were all coming together as a Family!!
Mother Marlene gave the Easter Prayer for the Family and while we were gathered together for dessert, I got a Family picture of Tom, Kim and children Olivia, Justin and Chloe!! I found since they are all teenagers it was hard to catch them together for a picture!! And the picture on the right is Kim with a work of art an Easter Tradition for her, Hot Cross Buns!! Thank You Kim, for all your hard work!! And now Dad Tom is taking the girls Ice Skating in San Diego!!
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