Easter 2021


For Easter this year it worked out that Marlene and I when to visit son Tom and his Family in Orange County, CA. Daughter Kim always goes the extra mile to fix special meals when we visit. Marlene volunteered to bring dessert!! Above is the cake. However Marlene left the decorating to granddaughters, Chloe and Olivia!! As you can see by the finished product, these girls are very artistic!!
After decorating the cake, Justin joined the girls, Marlene and I for a card game, Apples & Oranges, I think? Justin is celebrating his winning in the picture above!!
And after dinner guess what we are up too? Of course we are going to have dessert!! Below Justin and I volunteered to watch Marlene just to make sure, he and I each got a big piece?
Kim the COOK!! Bless her heart she not only cooked a special lunch for us she cooked a pork roast dinner for us also!! Thank You KIM!!
Easter morning!! Here we are all ready for a Sunday at Church to share a time of fellowship with other believers, Celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus from the grave!! It was a great way to start the day. The Church {Calvary Church} Tom's family attends now provides free coffee and donuts to everyone!! But of course the main event was the Church Service!! Then it was hit the road (highway 5) toward San Diego & back home to Ramona!!Thank You Tom, Kim and children for a wonderful weekend!!
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