Easter 2019


Easter weekend, the children and grand children are coming. I think grand parents Ron and Marlene are ready?
Yes, grandmother Marlene is definitely ready, showing the wonderful and well decorated Carrot Cake she made and decorated!!
Tom and his Family has arrived, Olivia, Chloe and Justin are getting ready to hunt Easter eggs. (plastic this year with a prize inside) Let the fun begin!!
Parents Tom hid the eggs for Olivia's basket, and Mom Kim hid the eggs for Justin's basket!!
Grandmother Marlene was responsible for hiding the colored eggs for Chloe's basket!!
Here they are outside with their empty basket's, before Dad Tom said (go) From where they were standing Justin spotted and egg in a tree!! On the left Chloe has found and egg, and on the right is a serious Justin!!
Justin walking carefully coming down the hill.
This is a good picture of Olivia in front of the house looking for her colored eggs for her basket!!
Chloe, taking a good look inside the flowers!!

I'm not sure whether Dad is looking for the kids eggs or if they were helping him look for eggs they had hid? I know that at one time they were helping find his!!

Egg hunting was the MAIN EVENT for early afternoon!!

Yes, Chloe found another egg, no reward for finishing 1st but Chloe did.
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