Easter Weekend


Son Tom and his Family came Friday evening to celebrate Easter with the Family. Since daughter Val had invited members of our Family for a Easter Brunch after Church on Sunday, Tom took his girls to visit Aunt Berta at the Nursing Home on Saturday. It has been a Family tradition for several years for Tom and his Family to visit Berta, who is now 102 years old!!
Above Chloe and Olivia are displaying the finished product that Aunt Berta was helping them color. Berta not only colors pictures but works on puzzles as well.
After coming back home to Ramona, Tom, Mom Marlene, Chloe and Olivia went to visit a local Farmer named Pilkington who sells Natural Soap!! He has a unique place with all kind of animals. In the background are Swiss Goats!!
This is a giant tortoise from another country!!
This is his bird cage area, Parakeets above with a duck on the right!!
Grand daughter Olivia has found a swing in his backyard!!
Grand daughter Chloe has also found a swing!!
Of course where there are chickens, there are eggs!!
Tom's wife Kim has been at home working hard cooking a large ham for dinner Saturday evening and Mom Marlene has fixed this beautiful cake desert. What a wonderful way to start Celebrating Easter weekend!!
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