Easter 2017
Easter 2017 was a little different this year? A very enjoyable and a Blessed Time with Family that could visit. Daughter Valerie and her two twins came early Saturday and was able to visit son Tom and his Family when they got here Saturday afternoon. Since Mom Marlene had a recent health issue, it just was not a Party time!! But it is always good for the Family to visit. Above son Tom and Kim are ready for the Easter Bunny, there was food on the floor and even a carrot from grandma Marlene's garden in the picture on the right. Well the bunny came and left chocolate Crosses, and gifts in the basket!!
Easter morning, grandmother Marlene enjoying this special time with grandchildren, Justin, Olivia and Chloe, as they open their gifts!!
The picture above shows many of the Easter Cards that Friends and Family had sent us. The potted plant is and Easter Lilly from daughter Valerie. It was just beginning to bloom and now we really appreciate the beauty, because it is in full bloom!!
Hot Cross Buns, that daughter-in-law Kim made special for the Family on Easter Morning!!
Mom Marlene with son Tom!!
A good picture of son Tom and his wife Kim in full dress for Easter Sunday!!
Olivia, Justin and Chloe dressed and ready to go!!
Chloe, Justin and Olivia, posing next to the Mexican Primrose that is just starting to bloom!!
The view from our seat in the balcony on Easter Sunday at Shadow Mt. Church.
In what has become a Easter Family tradition for Tom and his Family. That have had a Family picture taken after Church for several years now!! Usually Joe Stevenson and his Family share Easter pictures with Tom and Family. This year Marlene and I got the honor!! Wife Kim on the left, Olivia, Justin, Chloe and Tom, Thank You!!
After Church and the picture taking, we went to a local restaurant for lunch. There we were joined by daughter Natalie Dixon, her daughter Rachel and niece Julia Sundberg. A wonderful time of Family Fellowship to finish the day!!
Another tradition on Easter Sunday for Tom and his Family is to visit Aunt Berta, she is now 101 years old in a rest home. On the left, mother Kim with daughter Olivia, and on the right Chloe and Justin!! It makes Berta's day to see the kids!! Thank you God for the Blessing of Family and the Celebration of Easter!!
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