Easter Party


Above are two of the pictures Marlene set out to remind us, what this special weekend was all about, the picture on the right is a Marlene's Family gathering on Easter in 1960. They were at Lindo Lake Park, in Lakeside, CA So here we are 56 years later carrying on a Family tradition!!
Nieto the teenager in a hurry to go someplace. Grandaughter Kattie is in the background.
Grand daughters Olivia and Chloe looking at a photo album Grandmother Marlene keeps with their pictures!!
A putting contest with me, Justin and Giovanni? Since I am so much bigger and older, guess who won?
Abbie, Chloe and Olivia playing with the basketballs. Giovanni and Nieto playing by the car!!
Ah, Eater eggs, can the hunt be far away?
This is Giovanne, he had been making baskets over my head, now posing for the camera!!
The tables this morning and just about on the scheduled time, the tables will be filled!!
The grandkids ready for the Easter egg hunt!! Giovanne, Nieto, Chloe, Olivia and Justin being cute at the top!!
Son Tom, Mom Marlene and Tom's wife Kim. This picture is to Honor and Thank Kim for all the effort she puts into taking Family pictures, and is so generous sharing them with the Family!!
The look on the kids faces, say's alot. I think they are a Happy group. And of course, Marlene gets the rite of cutting the cake!! Darn, I had the job of serving the ice cream that went with the cake!!
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