Easter 2013

Our son Tom and his Family came to visit on Saturday before the big day, to let the kids help dye eggs etc. for Easter! On Sunday we all attended Church at Shadow Mt. Community in El Cajon. Marlene took a picture of the Choir and orchestra above. Beautiful music!!

Here are the kids, Olivia, Chloe and Justin dying the Easter eggs! Below, mother Kim and grandmother Marlene join the girls admiring their work!
Olivia and Chloe with their baskets Easter morning!
Mother Kim was busy in the kitchen making Hot Cross Buns!! Yum, Yum.
Olivia in her new dress!! Both girls were beautiful!!
Justin, Chloe and Olivia sampling Mom's work!!
Above is a close-up of their work.
Chloe in her new Easter dress!!
Chloe and Olivia doing ballet!! Click Here for the Video!!
Tom's chidhood best friend Joe Stevenson was at Church also with his Family. Above his son Joey!
Joe's family has joined him above, his wife Laura, daughter Lilly, son's Joey in rear and Andrew on left front!!
The two Families merge for a picture and celebration of a wonderful day of worship! Also the joy and happiness of sharing time with dear friends!!
Click on Pictures for Enlargement or Click on the Cross for more pictures of Easter 2013!!