Untitled Document Easter 2012
Easter 2012
Chloe, Justin and Olivia got and early start on Easter egg hunting at the Park with the bunny at Pittsford Park for the Foothill Ranch Mom's Club!! Justin in the other two pictures was at Altistma Park with kids from Saddleback Church.
The girls, Mom Kim, Olivia and Chloe came to grandmother Marlene's home on Saturday before Easter to help color Easter eggs for the next day!!
Olivia and Chloe posing with a proud grandmother Marlene, on Easter morning!!
Papa Ron and grandmother Marlene enjoying a board game with the girls Saturday evening!! On the right, Easter morning the girl's have found their Easter baskets!!
Sunday afternoon the Family met at Marlene's 96 year old Aunt Berta's to have lunch and hunt Easter eggs!! On the left, Natalie's daughter Sarina and I have joined the girls looking for the Easter eggs! On the right, Natalie brought rabbit ears for the kids to enjoy. I think that is grandmother Marlene behind the rabbit ears.
Olivia and Chloe displaying the eggs they had found!!
Justin on the left showing off his chicken that you could stuff with bubble gum eggs, wind up and the chick would "lay" them!! On the right is Natalie's teenage daughter Rachel. She has been doing modeling recently!! But she still is a kid at heart, joining in on the fun of hiding and also looking for the eggs!!

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