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The Willie Jack Robershaw Family

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Jack Robershaw in his uniform, with his lovely wife Juanita Lecroy. Jack served his first three years in the paratroopers. Later he joined the regular Army and served 22 years to retirement in Columbus, GA.
Birth announcement of 1st born child Donna Lynn Robershaw!!
Daddy Jack holding baby Donna!!
A young and beautiful young Juanita, dressed up to go someplace special?
Donna at nine months old!!
Mom Juanita with Donna on right, and new baby brother, Jack Jr. on left!!
Donna about five?
Donna about two!!
Donna the preteen?
Oh Happy Day!! Donna with husband Roger Hobbs!!
Thirteen year old Donna with younger sister's Astoria and April!!
Donna, a good looking teenager!!
Mom Donna with son's Ladon and Christopher!
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