Donald Earl Robershaw

Descendant ofO B Robershaw

Don was the 5th child born to O B Robershaw and Lois Love. In the picture on the left he was about 11 years old. He moved with the Family in 1956 to Ca. He attended Hoover High School and was early into computers, teaching at Coleman College for a while. About 1969 he married Sharon Taylor, and shortly afterwards moved to Deer Park, Texas where her Family was from. He has worked in the computer industry all these years and is now working for NASA. They are pictured below [ left ] at their home in Deer Park, Texas

Update: He had to retire @ 70 years old? He liked working, they thought he was to old. DARN

In the picture on right, Don is holding grandson Daiven, G. daughter Markesa is seated with their parents Matt Robershaw and his wife Dawn standing. Donís wife Sharon is sitting next to son Danny, who is holding his son Presley with his wife Linda is standing behind him.

Son Matt, wife Dawn and Markesa on left with later addition son Daiven on right. Matt is one of the few, and proud Marines today that has served in Iraq! Below Matt in uniform with wife Dawn!!

Recently Matthew remarried: Rebekah Owens, 3/13/2021

Don relaxing on boat while visiting Cousin Mamie & husband Dieter Borrmann in Corpus Christi, Tx. To the right Great grandson Orin Makin Robershaw, Grandson of Matt Robershaw on the right!!!!
Son Danny with wife Linda & son Presley. They live and work in Deer Park.
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