Clayton Cemetery

Gadsden, Alabama

After the Robershaw Reunion on June 9th, 2007 my wife Marlene, son Tom and I went to show Tom, where his Great grandfather Robershaw was buried at Clayton Cemetery. It is now in the City limits of Gadsden, however when I was a kid growing up it was in Alabama City. We tried to take photo's of all our relatives, Robershaw and Galbreath's that we could find!!
This is a view back down the hill at Malone Baptist Church. It also has changed over the years. It was the 1st Church I can recall attending. At that time it was a wood frame structure and was a Freewill Baptist Church. However in 1950 it was taken over by a group affiliated with the Primitive Baptist!
The original structure in brick now! This is the Church we attended when I was a teenager. It was a Freewill Baptist Church. Not sure of it's affiliation now, but the structure has changed over the years. We thought their sign was clever! We were parked in the parking lot!!
This is my Grandfather William Wesley Robershaw headstone. He was born Feb 10, 1878 in Marietta, GA. He died May 9, 1936 of a heart attack while living in the Gallant area of Etowah County, Alabama Dad handcut both headstones out of rock from the quarry he operated. It is sandstone and is starting to deteriorate.
This is headstone for Olin Robershaw, 2nd born son of O B & Lois Robershaw. He was born Nov. 16, 1929 and died on Christmas day 1929, of pneumonia.
Mary Isa Dora Galbreath was born in St Clair Co. on May 18, 1883 and died June 13, 1956 !
Uncle William Zelton was the 2nd born son of William Wesley Robershaw and Grandmother Maggie Galbreath! Dovie Mc Clain was his wife. They lived on a farm in the Walnut Grove area when I was a teenager. I believe Uncle Zelton & Aunt Dovie were living in Columbiana, Alabama with their son Acton when they passed away. Phoebie Mc Clain was Aunt Dovie's older sister!
James W. Robershaw was the 1st born son of Uncle Zelton and Aunt Dovie. It is my understanding that he was killed in a logging truck accident at the age of eighteen!
R. T. Robershaw was the 4th born son of Uncle Zelton and Aunt Dovie. He only lived two moths, I'm not sure what he died of?
This is John Rufus Galbreath's wife Janie Viola Turley and their son Harvey Helton Galbreath and 2nd cousin to Grandmother!
Fred Galbreath was the son of John Rufus Galbreath. His wife Bertie and their daughter Pauline attended Grandmother Maggie's funeral service! He is a 2nd cousin!
John Rufus Galbreath was the son of James Harvey Galbreath, twin brother of grandmother's dad, Thomas Wesley Galbreath. In short he was her 1st cousin!
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