Robershaw Family Christmas


Our Christmas tree was exceptional this year!! It was a fresh green color to the very end. The picture above and on the right was taken at night and we tried to capture the star and light's we had on at night. Above center, Santa has come and left a few gifts for the Family!!The Italian accent grape lights at the top of picture on the right were a gift from Marlene's Aunt Josephine!!
Daughter Val above with husband Ken. The apron Val is wearing was made by her niece Rachel!! Ken taught myself and the other kids how to make paper airplanes after lunch!!
Valerie's husband Ken Currier showing Julia and Anna his toy helicopter!!
Daughter Natalie above with her daughter's Sarina and Rachel. To the right is Anna and Julia, twin daughter's of daughter Valerie!!
Daughter - law - Kim with daughter's Chloe and Olivia. Children of son Tom!!
Marlene's 95 year old Aunt Berta, with Natalie and Sarina. Natalie was kind enough to take Berta home to La Mesa after the party was over.
Rachel, Anna and Sarina!!
Grandmother Marlene at the table with grand daughter's Rachel and Anna with daughter Val in the background! It is a special dinner of Lasagna and all the trimming's!!
Well lunch is over and the girls are enjoying their favorite past time, drawing and coloring!! Sarina and Julia are below. Julia is very artistic!!
It looks like grandson Justin enjoyed his dinner, the plate is empty. He is joined by sisters Olivia and Chloe!!
For children, the wait is over!! Time to open those Christmas presents!! Above son Tom watches as son Justin opens his razor scooter!!
Grandson Justin, enjoying a Santa music box with his sister!!

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Cousin's Chloe, Anna and Rachel enjoying time together!!
  A great day for Grandmother Marlene as she spends time with her grand daughters!! Katherine on the right, was our 1st, and is home on vacation from college. It was great to have her visit!!