Robershaw Family Christmas


What better way to start a Page than with a perfect example of the Christmas Sprit. The flowers on the left was a gift from our next door neighbors the Kaping's!! This dear couple take our trash cans to the street & back every week because we have a steep driveway & are to old to do it. The picture to the right is a perfect example of how organized my wife Marlene is for the coming Holiday with Family coming!!
This is the main course for our Christmas dinner. It is Lasagna that Marlene has been serving the Family on Christmas day as a means of Celebrating her Italian Heritage!! The Family does enjoy the taste and the occasion!!

This is the proud lady with her specialty!! She is proud of her Italian heritage and has been lucky enough to find some relatives that live on the Island of Ustica, which is off the coast of Sicily!!

Here is also a picture to prove how old the hosts have become with their artificial Christmas tree!! Welcome to the home of Ron & Marlene Robershaw for Christmas 2022!!
These is a picture of Grandson Neito who prepared the evening meal for the Family on Christmas Eve. The tray is special for Marlene and I. Neito prepared the tray from a gift from our special friends Dale & Jackie Tupper who now live in Arizona. If you look close how organized everything is, it will help to know that Neito is in the Navy!!
Marlene is a very organized host, above she is holding a Bible. It has been a tradition for her and usually the grandkids to take turns reading Luke 2: 1-18 It tells about the Birth of Jesus!! This time we adults also got to read 3 verse's each since there were only two grand kids!!
Above is pictures of son John and his two sons Giovanni & Neito opening their Christmas gift cards from grandparents Ron & Marlene. You can see it was a warm Christmas day in Ramona, CA. They are all in shorts & it was hard to get a good picture because of the sunlight behind them!!
What a gift from daughter Valerie who lives in Oregon!! It is a box of candy from Italy, named La Florentine-Torrone!!
Another successful Italian Lasagna dinner for Marlene and Family that were able to attend. There was also a Pecan pie with and empty pan!!{not shown}That is one of husband Ron's favorite desserts!!
Yes, Christmas has come and ended another year. John was kind enough to share his Family with us and let son Giovanni stay the week to play with his friend Ben. But the main thing was Geovanni's good attitude to help his grandparents with the household chores!! Son Tom on the right with Mom Marlene was kind enough to come down after his Arizona trip for Christmas with wife Kim's parents and help us with work that needed to be done, that Dad can't do anymore!! Daughter Natalie came the week before Christmas and shared several gifts with us. She was spending Christmas with her daughters Rachel & Sarina in LA. It is indeed a Blessing to live through these Holiday's & see the work of God and his Love!!
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