Robershaw Family Christmas


Daughter-in-law Kim, she was kind enough to bring the grandchildren and come and enjoy Christmas with us as son Tom was sick and couldn't come!!
Kim also brought along these Christmas Cookies that she enjoys making & sharing with the Family!!
Son John with his two boys Nieto & Giovanni!!
Proud Mom Elaine joins her Family, son Nieto is in the Navy and is doing well in the school he is attending as part of his service!!
This is granddaughters Olivia & Chloe, admiring the beautiful manger scene by grandmother Marlene!!
Grandson Justin playing a game on grandpa Ron's computer!!
Kim & Elaine is in the kitchen, can dinner and opening Christmas presents be far away?
Dad John relaxing with son Nieto, is Dad telling his son about the years he spent on a ship doing his duty as a Marine?
Grandmother Marlene & grandson Giovanni visiting while waiting on lunch!!
Brother Justin joins sisters Olivia & Chloe waiting for dinner? The table above is all decorated and ready!! I think all the guests are showing signs of Christmas jitters, wanting to eat and open the presents to see what Santa has brought them!!
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