Robershaw Family Christmas


This is where everything comes together for the Family, to Celebrate all the work that has been done to make the Family Gathering such a warm and Loving atmosphere!!
This is the year that son Tom and Family spend Christmas with Wife Kim's Family & son John and Family are going to South Carolina to visit son Neito who is in the Navy, we are Celebrating Christmas early with them!! Grandmother Marlene had prearranged for granddaughters Chloe & Olivia to decorate our Christmas Tree for us. Grandmother caught them early for the job, in the 1st two pictures, Olivia in blue and Chloe in yellow tops, they are doing the work & on the right they are dressed for the day!! Chloe on the left and Olivia on the right!! Good Job girls!!!!!!!!!! p.s. They are twins
The gifts are arriving, the cards under the tree is for the girls!!
Some of the Family visiting with each other. Son Tom is trying to catch up on some left over work {accounting} Son John is a school teacher also doing a little preparation!!
The picture may not display how good this decoration looks on the stairwell is? The girls are very artistic & did a great job!!!
John's wife Elaine in the kitchen, preparing the salad for dinner today!! Each of the ladies chose a category to prepare for the big event!!
Here is Mom Kim of the girls above with son Justin and daughter Olivia. Kim was responsibility was for dessert and her part of the main course was tortelini!!
A good picture of grandson Giovanni above, he is a good helper for grandmother Marlene above!!
Marlene with cousin Joel Marchese. He was invited because his girls & son Tom's girls enjoy playing together so much!!
Here are the girls playing with Justin looking on. Olivia & Chloe are into ballet and they try to teach Joel's daughter all their moves!!
Here Marlene is with Joel's daughters, Natalie & Charlena!!

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This is a climbing Santa that Marlene's Aunt Josephine who is now 105 yrs. old, gave to Marlene several years ago that Giovanna put together for her!! You can see some of our Christmas Cards, the tree & a Birthday balloon in the background, we were also Celebrating Marlene & Kim's Birthday!!