Robershaw Family Christmas


Christmas started early this year for us? These are children from across the street. They showed up unexpected a couple of days early with a Christmas card and gift for Marlene!!The children (from left to right) are Ben, Luke, and Eliza. I have been teaching Eliza to play the piano once a week, she is almost 9 yr.. old. They are such darling and well behaved children.
The day before Christmas, son Tom and wife Kim were able to join us, grandmother Marlene thought she would see if one of the kids would like to make her traditional Italian cookies? Chloe above was the volunteer, and on the right is the beautiful results. Yum, Yum!!
Justin and Olivia have been a little under the weather, above they are taking it easy!!
The Family is ready for Santa? See the stocking's in front of the fireplace. That is where the Family looks 1st to see if Santa left them something!! Ah, Christmas morning and time to open the stocking's!! The kids were very kind, they let Mom Kim go first!!
And a Happy Mom looks on as the kids are happy looking at her present!!
Dad Tom, look what I got?
And Dad is Happy!!
My buddy Justin with his comfort toy Winter. As it turned out he was not feeling well and the Family had to leave earlier than planned!!
A good picture of Justin with his gift!!
Here is a Happy Chloe, Olivia and Justin with some of their gifts!!
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