Robershaw Christmas

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Wow, Marlene got a big box from son Tom and Family? Surprise, Surprise a toaster, same make and model as her original toaster from 1954 that finally failed!! Sixty Five years old. Tom found this one on Ebay for a reasonable price, as the picture on the right shows, the 1st piece of toast for Marlene? Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A good picture of the kids, Justin, Chloe and Olivia holding a scan disk?
Justin, Olivia and Chloe have found a present from Santa? Yes and they had a fun time finding it. Santa had hid 25 clue's, one for each day till Christmas. The ran all over the house looking till they found it in a closet upstairs. Olivia is holding the clues in the picture on the right.
Let the fun begin!! Justin, Olivia and Chloe opening presents from Grandparents Ken and Bonnie who live in Arizona!!
Kim the Family photographer above!! Grandson Justin with his gift from grandparents Ron & Marlene. And on the right son Tom apparently got socks from someone? I think all the kids got socks this year!!!!!!
I think these are more gifts from grandparents Ken & Bonnie? A book for Mom Kim in the center from Mom and Dad and socks for the kids in the picture on the right!!
Papa Ron with a very thoughtful present from son Tom and Family!! This is a large picture frame with individual pictures of Gadsden, Al and the places, that were very meaningful to me over my life growing up there and the many Family Reunion's I have attended there over the years!!
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