Robershaw Family Christmas


Marlene's 102 year old Aunt Berta. Marlene is her Caregiver and son Tom has been helpful over the years financially and sharing his Family with her!! Tom and his children stopped in La Mesa on the way to our house to visit and put some Christmas decorations in her room!!
Tom and the children have pushed Aunt outside on the patio to talk and let her tell them her different ailments!!
Justin and Chloe are being silly above to entertain Aunt Berta!!
What a guy? After going to Mom and Dad's home in Ramona, he was put in charge of decorating our Christmas Tree!!
Yes, Olivia and Chloe you are entitled to a break, it looks like a job well done!!
Above are Dad's helpers, daughters Olivia and Chloe!!
After all that work, Tom's reward was Mom Marlene's home made Lasagna. The side dish on left was broccoli. Dessert was Ice Cream and Home made Apple pie
Grandson Justin doing his favorite thing, when he comes to visit? Playing games on Papa Ron's computer!!
After lunch Tom and the kids wanted to go see the Chicken Ranch that Mom Marlene had visited on her Birthday!! They had fun, and while they were visiting one of the owners came out to tell them about the chickens etc. and her name was Chloe!!
Grandmother Marlene admiring the work Chloe and Olivia did decorating the stairwell. They were a great help in decorating suggestions!!
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