Robershaw Family Christmas


Christmas 2016, what wonderful time with Family and Friends!! Above is a beautiful picture of son Tom's daughters Olivia and Chloe!! Tom had sent it to me by email just after he had put up his tree!!
Neito and Giovanni helped their Grandma in the kitchen make these beautiful Italian Cuchidata cookie's for the Family!!
Christmas started early this year, Marlene and I had lunch with her cousin Stanley Marchese, the week before and he presented her the beautiful bouquet above!!
Son John and his Family came to visit on Tuesday before Christmas. He and his Family was going to Las Vegas to visit wife Elaine's sister on Christmas Day!! This way the boys above Nieto and Giovanni could visit Grandma for a couple of days!!
Late Friday afternoon son Tom and his Family arrived from Orange County. Wife Kim, Chloe and Justin pose in front of our Christmas tree!!
Son John and his son's Nieto and Giovanni helped Grandma Marlene finish decorating the tree while they were here!!
On Saturday, grandmother Marlene planned a scavenger hunt for Olivia, Justin and Chloe!! The girls got a new outfit for their American Dolls and Justin got a gift certificate to Dunking Donuts!!
Above are what the girls played with Christmas Eve, on the right Justin had set up his on village to play with!! Very realistic, but it was getting late and Mom Kim is getting the stocking set out for Santa!!
Well Olivia was 1st one there on Christmas Day, but she was very kind and let Justin open his first!!
Yes, Justin does look Happy, I think I saw some money there, Olivia has found some finger nail polish in her stocking and Chloe appears to be holding a video up!!
Please Click on the Pictures for Enlargement or Click on the Tree for Page Two!!
And looking on are Proud and Happy parents, Tom and Kim!!