Robershaw Family Christmas


Our Christmas celebration started early this year? Two occasions, prompted this early start. It was Tom and his Family's year to celebrate Christmas in Montana with wife Kim's Family. Also Tom wanted to celebrate Mom Marlene's Birthday!! So Tom took us all to a Italian Restaurant in Tustin, CA. Pictured left to right, Kim, Marlene, Ron, Justin,Tom, Olivia and Chloe. On the right outside are Marlene and Olivia and Chloe. It was exciting for Mom Marlene she got to talk to the waitress in Italian!!!
Grandson's Giovanni and brother Nieto arrived a couple of days early and got to help grandmother Marlene make her Italian Cucciddati cookies!! Marlene gives out as presents to each of the parents!!
Yes, John found a box of choclates, he was very kind and let me have a piece!! Yum, Yum!!!
Dad John, checking it out, wondering is there one for me?
Christmas day, Giovanni and Nieto have found a present at the Christmas tree!!
Giovanni and Nieto sharing what Santa had brought them with Grandmother Marlene!!
The boys Giovanni and Nieto didn't want to be left out, so they join the girls in the back. This was all the grand children that were here this year!!
Grandmother Marlene with the grand daughters that were present. In back Rachel, Marlene, Anna, and Sarina. In front are twins Abbie and Kattie!!
Mom Elaine joins the boys, Hubbie John, Giovanni and Nieto. They would be leaving early to join her Family for Christmas dinner!!
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Model grand daughter Sarina, posing for Papa Ron!!