Robershaw Family Christmas

Page Two

This is the colorful topping that daughter-in-law Kim made for the pancake breakfast!!
Giovanne acting suprised that I was taking his picture. Brother Nieto looking on !!
And Mom Elaine with her Christmas outfit, in a beautiful red sweater!!
Dad John on the right talking to brother Tom. John and his Family had just arrived from Chula Vista.
Well what can you say? The boys have found a goodie!!
Nieto and Giovanne looking at present from grandparents, Ron and Marlene!!
Daughter Valerie has arrived in the background, this is her oldest set of twins, Julia and Anna!!
Abbie checking out Chloe's work, up close!!
Chloe, Olivia and Justin with more presents?
John and Family tryiny out the Chinese Checker game!! Elaine, Giovanne, John, and Nieto!!
Craft time for girls, Chloe, Abbie, Olivia, and Kattie!!
Daughter Natalie has arrived, this is her daughters Rachel and Sarina!! Yes they are models!!
Justin and Giovanne playing in the living room!!
Justin and Giovanne in the garage kicking the balloon, they are both into Karate and had a fun day together!!
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Moms Valerie and Kim, Thank You for all you do for the Family!!