Robershaw Family Christmas


We started Christmas early this year? 12/7/2013 Tom and his Family are going to Montana and spend Christmas with Kim's Family!! The action started around the Christmas tree. Marlene planned for the children to finish decorating the tree by adding the ornaments!! Chloe on the left and Olivia on the right, are just finishing up!!
Grandson Justin may be musically inclined, when he entered the house he goes to play on the piano?
Marlene posing with daughter Valerie's two foster children, Katie and Abbie!!
Grand daughter Sarina is cleaning up the loose straws after they added the oraments. Sarina is daughter Natalie's youngest!!
Daughter-in-law Kim working in the kitchen. Can lunch be very far away?
Son Tom with sister Natalie!!
Mom Marlene with youngest daughter Valerie!!
Son Tom, g.daughter Sarina, and daughter Valerie enjoying the special lunch!
Marlene with a gift from daughter Natalie and g. daughter Sarina!!
Kim, Natalie, Marlene having the special Family lasagna that Marlene prepared, since we just had turkey for Thansgiving!!
Daughter Valerie's girls, Twins Anna, Julia in rear. Foster children twins Abbie and Katie in front.
The girls enjoying playing games at the computer when they were not playing hide & seek around the house!!
Olivia & Chloe standing beside a Christmas gift from Marlene's Aunt Josephine!!
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