Branson, Missouri

November, 2012

Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. So these three pictures should be worth three thousand? Marlene and I met brother Don, his wife Sharon and sister Le Verle last November in Branson. These are trees near the complex where we stayed!!
Sharon and Marlene on the trail to the Falls!!
Sharon and Marlene at the Falls. Below they took my picture also!!
One of the nature walks was to this water falls. Not big but pretty!!
This was the veiw from our deck. Not as colorful as above but still pretty!!

These three pictures were taken at the In Sight Theater. It is hard to describe how large and beautiful this building is!! It is built like a mosque, and the play we saw was Joseph. The sets and presentation was awesome!! Above is brother Don, sister Le Verle and myself. Click on the ticket to see their website. The other shows we saw were very good also, It was my second time to see the Presleys! The second show we saw was the Pierce Arrow show. Click on the link below for their website. And the other show we saw was Danny O' Donnell, a very good show. He will be at Moonriver Theater, Andy Williams old theater this year. All the shows had a patriotic segment, comedy, gospel music, and Christmas songs as part of the show. Our last evening there we had dinner at the large mall on the river and they had a wonderful water and fire show that was spectacular!! If you have time it is a fun place to visit!!

Pierce Arrow Show
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