Lura Mae Robershaw & Bobby Martin

The Early Years

Chicago, Illinois!! This is where they met. Bobby was stationed nearby and Lura Mae had moved there with her Family from Alabama to find work!!
Bobby in his kaki Army uniform and a stylish wife Lura Mae!!
Part of Lura Mae's Family. Her Dad A G in the center, brother Andrew on right with husband Bobby. On the left is Lura, brother Aubrey Gerald and his wife!!
Mom and Dad with daughter Rachel, and son Bobby Martin Jr.
These are Lura Mae's sister Carolyn, brother's Robert and Aubrey Gerald!! I do not know the lady in the chair?
A young Lura Mae above with and unknown relative?
A beautiful picture of Mom and Dad with children Rachel, Theresa and Bobby Jr.
The Family children!! Girls, Rachel and Theresa. Boy's, Bobby Jr. and David!!
The full Family. Lura, Bobby, Rachel, Bobby Jr. David and Theresa!!
In this picture, Bobby and Lura are with members of her Mom's side of the Family! I know the gentleman on the left and the lady in the checkered dress are of the Wallce Family but I'm not sure what their names are?
A young Butch Martin!!
A young Rachel Martin!!
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How quickly life goes by, all the children except David appear to be teenagers!!


Butch and his sister Rachel at their High School prom!! The note on back said they both had seperate dates, but Mom Lura insisted on a picture together!!