June 16, 2011

Cousin Bill is the youngest son of our Aunt Lizzie Love Brown. Here he is at his keyboard. When Marlene and I first met Bill in 2005, I knew that he played the guitar and sang with his Aunt Barsie in churches etc. It came as a surprise to me, that Bill had also taught himself to play the keyboard, the mandolin, fiddle, and harmonica!! After hearing him play for us, I asked if he had tapes of him playing? I was surprised to hear he had none!

After our Robershaw Reunion in 2009 I realized we could use a camcorder at the next Reunion, to help me remember peoples name's! So this year my Family and I, while on our way to our Reunion made a trip to visit Bill and have him record some of his talents for the family!! You will find a few links to videos of Bill playing and singing on this Page!! Click here for the Keyboard

After Bill finished playing for us, my wife suggested we take a few pictures. This is me on the left, Bill and my older brother Reggie. Reggie had never met Bill before or Heard Him Sing
Well when Bill went to play the keyboard, he lost his seat to my grandchildren in the swing!! Chloe on the left, Olivia and Justin. We went in to hear Bill Play His Guitar
My son Tom joined us above on the left. Then we realized, Tom's son Justin Love Robershaw had been left out? We are all descendants of George Love. I was honored to be named after my Mom's maiden name. My middle name is Love and I passed it on to Tom and so we have three generation honoring my Mom's heritage!!
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