Barsie Ester Love Baxter

Barsie Love with her long time Husband Troy Baxter. Barsie was born in Elmore County, Alabama on July 26, 1914.She was the youngest of twelve children born to George F. Love and Josephine Nance.

Marriage Announcement

A smile and uniform gets the girl every time!

Troy and Barsie lived in Alabama City for a while after the war, I remember going to their house as a 6 or 7 yr. old for Christmas, they had bought gifts for all of us kids. I remember that I was jealous of my brother Jack, he got a knife an I got a rubber gun. Apparently brother Jack also felt loved by Aunt Barsie. As a teenager, he ran away from home an lived with Aunt Barsie and Uncle Troy in LaGrange, Georgia for awhile.

Troy with his Army buddies! Serious business!!
Barsie with husband Sergeant Troy Baxter.

Troy & Barsie fooling around for sister Lois Love Robershaw. Car in back was Mom & Dad’s 51 Buick!

Troy with Barsie on right and older sis Lizzie Love Brown in the center!
Barsie Love, Stonewall Love, & and my Mom Lois Love.And on the right,Troy as a young man!!

Barsie with nephew, William “Bill” Brown, son of sister Lizzie Love and Leroy Brown. Bill played the guitar and he an Barsie sang duets at the Church they attended, Bethel Chapel Baptist. Troy her husband was also Choir Director.

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A little frivolity, the war is over! Photo appears to have been taken at Dad's stone quarry? Not sure who is hiding behind rock!!