Visiting Alabama

August 11, 2017

Ron, Le Verle and brother Don. After we arrived in Gadsden, we had some time to kill before our rooms was ready at the Motel. So it was suggested for old time sakes, we visit those areas from childhood memories!! This is the Church Mother brought us to during our pre-teen + teen years before the move to California. It was our 1st stop on our way to the moutain where we grew up!!
Our second stop was Clayton Cemetery where many of our relatives are buried. Tom joins brother Don and sister Le Verle. The Church on the property is where Mother took us in our childhood days. On the left is the headstone carvered out of sandstone by our Dad, for his Father, our Grandfather William Wesley Robershaw. On the right is the headstone of our Grandmother Maggie Galbreath Robershaw, who lived with us as we grew up!!
Well here, Le Verle is showing Tom how as kids we would walk through a trail down the mountain to the City of Gadsden below to attend movies or shop etc. Then we walked back. Where they are standing was part of the area called, { the Brow of the mountain} it was close to the house we lived in. And on the right is our kind chauffer brother Don. This area has been kinda blocked off from parking? It was a place boys and girls used to hang out at night to look at the city lights?? Oh and wild Muscatine, like wild grapes, Yum Yum!!
No visit would be complete without stopping by the house Dad built after the war in 1946-47. It is the stone portion on the right. A picture of son Tom above. Then on to the picture's on the right!!
A good picture of Olivia above, On the right is one of the reasons it is popular other than the meals. Customers can buy food from a machine and feed the animal. Fish, turtles, ducks and other wildlife. In the distance in the picture on the right is a pretty Egret that had flown in. Now on to dinner!!
We have checked into our rooms and now time for another Family Tradition? Dinner at Top of the River Resturant in Gadsden. It is so popular it is hard to find parking. Above Sharon, Daiven, Chloe and Olivia with Dad Tom visiting with another guest!!
Is it true, blonds have more fun?Daughter-in-law Kim with sister Le Verle!!
Brother Don with my buddy Justin. The food here is very good and they also give you more than you can eat!!
A good picture of Chloe who sat across from me!!
Son Tom and his Aunt Sharon above!!
The Next Day!! The Main Event!!
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